Lifting the Veil

Let me start off by saying welcome… I’m sure you’ve had quite the journey to get here, and if your journey has been anything remotely similar to mine then I know you probably are still trying to make sense of all the many pieces of information that are swirling around in your mind right now.

My waking up process started on September 11th 2001, a day that needs no explanation for just about anyone in the world to understand, which I won’t get into at the moment. Let’s just say if you haven’t seen the independent documentary Loose Change, I highly recommend you do so. More on the events of 9/11 later and how that all ties in to this Babylonian debt Matrix that we are stuck in. I will also be endorsing the work of many other researchers in the alternative media field: journalists, bloggers, film and video makers, book authors, speakers, etc. You name it…

I am truly standing on the shoulders of the Giants who came before me and although the hour is late, I must join the fray. This is truly a spiritual battle between God and Satan, light and dark, good and evil, Natural vs. Artificial.

The created seeks to usurp the Creator and there are those in this race of mankind who seek victory over death, not through Jesus Christ, but through artificial technology and transhumanism. The horrifying speed at which they are throwing up towers to implement the 5G network and the progress made in A.I. with the showcasing of Sophia, make it abundantly clear that time is running out to preserve what little freedom we have left…

The 5G network will link anything and everything, “The Internet of Things”, as it is being referred to. Their goal is to put a smart chip in every household appliance that we use and everything that we buy: grocery items, clothes, toys, tools, weapons, just about anything. The corporate governments want to monitor everything you do inside your home and with a chip inside nearly every product or appliance, those items will send all the data back to their central source. They’ll be able to fine & extort you for flushing your toilet too much or leaving your lights on too long. Don’t worry though, they will use the television and advertising to brainwash the public into believing that they are being good little citizen slaves! Everyone has to play their role, right? The level of mind control is so pervasive in this corporation, ER…country that I have been ridiculed, ostracized, & mocked by family and friends for presenting  facts & evidence that contradict their BE-LIE(FS). Many tell me out right that they don’t care about “my conspiracy theories”, none of it matters while their bread & circus games are on. The Greek and the Roman civilizations gave their lower castes the Olympic games, Greco-Roman wrestling, and Gladiator combat to provide them EN-TER-TAIN-MENT. (There will be more on etymology in a future blog.) Great feasts and festivals were held year round in honor of this or that god or goddess, the changing of the seasons, royal & noble weddings, military conquests, etc.


The twin pillars of church & state hold up the entire deception in place and work hand in glove with the temple bar/bank to keep the truth suppressed and all us mind controlled goyim (cattle/chattel) bumping into each other in our pen. Meanwhile we frantically chase their spellbound, sigil-laden paper because they have already taken all the lawful money for themselves…

The unholy trinity of the church, state, and bank is the ancient Babylonian mystery religion represented in modern times by the father, mother, and child. This is played out in every empire’s religion in recorded history:

Egypt- Osiris, Isis, and Horus                     Babylon- Nimrod, Semiramis, Tammuz    Phoenicia- Bel or Baal, & Ashtoreth.         Greece, Rome, India, Scandinavia all have father, mother, & child deities.

It does not end there however, this plays out in our time as the Catholic church headquartered in Vatican City. For those of you who don’t know, Catholic means Universal. The universal religion for a one world everything under satan. Please see Professor Walter Veith’s work on, his Total Onslaught series is one of the most thorough examinations of the Catholic Church and he delves deep into their occult symbolism that is hidden all over the world in plain sight. Dark occultists have had thousands of years to set up all these control systems and the symbols,sigils, talismans, monuments, & sacred geometry keep it all in place. Those who have eyes that see and ears that hear know what I’m talking about

Washington D.C., City of London, & Vatican City are the physical manifestations of the Unholy Trinity and together they make up what is known as ” Empire the City.” Each of the three is also marked by an obelisk.

The Obelisk is a symbol of solar worship as well as phallic worship, or the generative principle. In J.E. Cirlot’s- A Dictionary of Symbols- an Obelisk is “a symbol of the sun-ray, by virtue of its shape. Because of its substance, it is bound up with the general symbolism of stone. It is further related to the myths of solar ascension and of light as the ‘penetrating spirit’, in consequence of its upright position and the pyramidal point in which it terminates.”

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