Where Did All the Money Go??

Federal Reserve Notes are the most powerful talismans on the entire planet. You may be reading this and entirely disagree and that is ok, but your beliefs do not change what is. Just because someone does not BE•LIE•VE in something, it does not equate belief with existence. It’s because that they either have cognitive dissonance or they lack the knowledge foundation to discern things that are unseen… All over the Federal Reserve notes are encoded seals and sigils containing powerful spells within them. I will do an entire blog post on Seals, Signs, & Talismans at a later date. The most obvious of these is the truncated pyramid with the all seeing eye of Providence radiating at the top of the capstone, also known as the Eye of Horus.This pyramid with the all seeing eye is one of the most ubiquitous symbols we see all over the world and Hollyweird has shown the all seeing eye and pyramid in many, many films. I will try to put together a comprehensive list and post that at a later time as well. There’s a very good reason why it has stood the test of time and remained an Illuminati symbol for so long. A pyramid is the strongest geometric structure known to us. It is widest at its base and is the most stable. It is also the strongest structure sociologically as it keeps the goyim controlled at the very bottom and allows all the wealth to flow to the top.

The top down hierachy makes it possible for compartmentalization to occur because no one knows  what the level above them is doing. This is especially effective when working on secret government projects such as the Manhattan Project. The scientists usually had one specific job to do, and tightly controlled conditions prevented fraternization between workers so nobody knew what the complete project was all about. Just look at the military and the corporate ladder. Do the generals and other staff officers share war strategy with the privates? Does a supermarket clerk know what goes on in an upper management board meeting? Did you ever hear of a “pyramid scheme” or “Ponzi scheme”? Look up “Ponzi scheme” to get a general idea how it works. It can be applied to the “global” economy as a whole as all wealth eventually flows up to the top of the pyramid and back to the banking families that own them!

Unlike precious metals where only a finite amount can be mined,smelted, & minted, paper money can be printed and circulated endlessly. This is the very reason for inflation, as it is a hidden tax on the public! There are never enough dollars in circulation at any given time to pay all the debt that is owed worldwide and with the dollar being the world reserve currency, every major country (corporation) in the world is holding a sizeable amount of U.S. Inc. debt. Eventually all those countries will send our chickens home to roost and we will see an inflationary bubble unlike never before witnessed in human history.

Every single fiat currency has collapsed to 0, all of them. The scam has been repeated over and over throughout human civilization. Eventually the population is unable and unwilling to bear the tax burden and the rift between the haves and the have-nots grows so wide that riots and revolts become the norm of the day.

How many of you know what a Constitution is? In schools we are taught that this “revered document” is the cornerstone of our freedom and our rights are outlined in the bill of rights. In both the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights, the framers made use of a little known grammatical technique called a capitonym. This is where the first letter of the word is capitalized when it normally shouldn’t be. Using a capitonym changes the word  being capitalized to a very specific meaning. The words Posterity and People for instance, are referring to a specific group of people,namely, the HEIRS and    BLOODLINES of the framers of the new government. These clever men knew that the common layman would not understand the language being used and therefore would not see the deception, mistaking themselves  to be the posterity and people referred to!      Have you ever heard someone yap about their “constitutional rights?”  There is no such thing because the slave class has no rights and none of us are a party to the signing of it. How can we be parties to a contract we did not sign? Please take the time to read the essays of James Franklin Montgomery and a man known as The Informer. They have done extensive research into the history surrounding the revolution and have drawn conclusive evidence that the UNITED STATES CORPORATION is nothing more than a subsidiary of the British Crown. If “we” won the war in 1781, why did King George III dictate the terms at the Treaty of Paris 1783??

Those men were well educated and well versed in the Trivium & Quadrivium, which together make up the 7 liberal arts. The Trivium is grammar, logic, & rhetoric which is the proper way for our brains to learn. This equals input, processing, and then output. Today’s public school system rewards students for memorization and regurgitation of the information given, bypassing the entire processing of the information. Without using the logic component of the Trivium, there is no real thinking going on and a student isn’t allowed to think for themselves. This is done intentionally as it disrupts the learning process and causes students to only remember and repeat what they’ve been told. I see this every day on my job in the bar business where people parrot back what they hear on the mainstream media.

So now I’m going to go into a quick history of money and how it came to be the sole purpose an object of so many here in America. Over the course of thousands of years, Humanity has used many mediums of exchange. Tobacco, hemp, and later cotton have all been used as cash crops both in the colonies and the states later on. Soldiers in the Roman legion were paid in salt at one point during the empires history, it’s where we derive the word “salary” from today. Sal is both the Latin and Spanish word for salt.  Gold and silver have always been revered by many civilizations, partially for their rare and exquisite beauty, easy malleability, and Universal acceptance amongst different peoples and tribes. The problem with precious metals is that they are heavy and difficult to carry, especially when it came to moving them along trade routes at great distances. Necessity being the mother of invention, Goldsmiths came up with the solution and began to offer to store the gold (for a nominal fee of course!). The vaults were well guarded so the depositors did not have to worry about their gold being stolen and the goldsmiths would issue a receipt to the depositors in exchange for their gold so that whenever they were ready to withdraw it, they could do so. It wasn’t long until the people began substituting the receipts from the Goldsmith for the gold, and the first paper currencies were born from that. Somehow it was preferable to use the goldsmiths receipts to pay for goods and services than running to the Goldsmith to make a withdrawal every time they needed to buy something.

It didn’t take long for the Goldsmiths to realize that they could increase their profits by issuing out way more receipts then they had the gold to secure it. By them doing this, they became massively wealthy but it didn’t take long for the rest of the people to figure out what was going on when they would go to retrieve their gold and the vaults were empty.

In 1119 A.D., 9 knights from France appeared before King Baldwin II of Jerusalem and asked to form an order that would protect Christian pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. They renounced all lands, inheiritance, titles, and swore a vow of poverty. The pope gave them his blessing after they swore to defend the kingdom against all oppressors…

The knights quickly gained tremendous wealth and land holdings as men from noble families all over Europe flocked to join this newly created order called the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ or the Order of Solomon’s Temple…Knights of the Temple or known today as the Knights Templar.

They founded their first temple in London in 1128 under the leadership of Hugues de Payens, who was the first Grandmaster of the Order. The knights had made a journey to England in order to bolster their ranks and find additional support for their cause. Their coffers swelled very quickly and they founded their second temple near Midlothian Scotland.


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