Color Revolutionizing The U.S. First & Second Amendments Out Of Existence

Outstanding piece of work! If only this could go viral… I did an article on the polarization weaponized last month on Steemit. It was the last in a 3 part series that I did trying to expose the “how” in the mind control equation. Our entire culture is programmed from nearly birth and this process has been nearly perfected throughout the great cycle of the ages. I love the way you connected all the dots in the present, I was trying to attack it from the historical perspective. Check out part 3, it covers the Janus Schism of Polarity

asymmetric world war



It would really be amazing if these same students marched in mass against the globalists who use clandestine operations glohblally, including right in their own backyard, to foment ‘color revolutions’ against their own well being.

The same powers that ‘shouldn’t be who lied in order to bring war on children around the world, now use USA’s children to save them from guns?  There’s something wrong with this picture.   Corporate behemoths Facebook and CBS team up with other corporate controlled media to bring student protesters to your social media, TV, Radio, print feeds 24 / 7, while demonizing anyone who questions just what exactly went down in Florida.  This is psychological warfare 101 people.

“Guns Is The Dictator Who Gasses His Own People” &… How School Shootings Can Be A Well Planned ‘Color Revolution Psychological Warfare Operation’ In The Name Of ‘Regime Changing’ The…

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